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How the Order of the Arrow Benefits Units

The Order of the Arrow is full of knowledgeable Scouts and Scouters who are dedicated to the BSA program and are willing to assist your unit. When you have tried new approaches and nothing seems to be working, or you are just looking for a fresh idea, feel free to contact the OA. An Arrow man could assist with a skill that is going to be taught at a troop meeting, attend a troop or team outing, help promote weekend and summer camp, help with leadership activities, or be present at troop functions to serve as a positive role model for those troops with younger Scouts.

The Order of the Arrow is not designed to take older Scouts away from the unit. The Order is designed to keep Scouts in Scouting as they mature. When Scouts go through their Ordeal, the first interaction between the Scout and the OA program, it is stressed for them to remain active in their unit.

These are just some of the benefits your troop or team could receive from utilizing the Order of the Arrow.