The wait is finally over! With much support and enthusiasm, we are now at the stage of rebuilding our beloved lodge back to its former glory! Over the past several weeks, youth and adults within our brotherhood have stepped up when called upon to help effectively plan this next year and revive the spark that has withered due to the pandemic. Be excited! We have also rekindled the bond with Southeast Louisiana Council and have the full support and backing of the Key 4 and the Executive Board which will allow great events to be coordinated and followed through with and will, undoubtedly, lead to an increase in our overall membership count.


            The Interim Lodge Executive Committee has voted upon and scheduled a virtual lodge election via Zoom to be held at 5:00 PM Central Time on February 27, 2021. You can register here:


            The lodge positions that will be voted upon at this election are as followed: Lodge Chief, Lodge Vice Chief of Administration, Lodge Vice Chief of Program, Lodge Secretary, Lodge Treasurer, and Chapter Chief for each of the five chapters. During this stage of rebuilding, Chilantakoba Lodge needs you! Now is the time to step up into a leadership role to help lay a proper foundation for the Order of the Arrow to thrive within the bounds of Southeast Louisiana Council. You will work alongside other youth members and under the guidance of adult advisers to better the very program of Scouting through cheerfulness, service, and brotherhood and will develop into an effective leader for others if you only give your very best. I can personally attest to this growth myself. I ask that you look over the responsibilities of each lodge officer in the document attached to this email and highly think about running for at least one. If you do decide to run, you must fill out the Lodge Officer Intent Form that can be found by clicking here or the link at the end of this email. The deadline to submit this crucial form is 8:00 PM Central Time on February 26, 2021. Remember, in order to be eligible to run, a youth Arrowman must stay under the age of twenty-one during the entire term, which lasts until December 31, 2021.