In Memorium - Linley J. Collins

Linley CollinsOn Monday, June 27, 2005 at 4:00am Chilantakoba Lodge lost one of its most valuable members to a tragic single car accident near Raceland on his way home. Linley will always be remembered for his many activities in the Order, and his perpetual giving of himself in unique ways, often in the background, to the officers of Chilantakoba Lodge.

Linley began serving Chilantakoba Lodge as the Chapter Chief of Houmas Chapter in 1998 with the goal to reform, organize and restructure the OA program in the District. After one year in the position, Houmas Chapter was meeting regularly and was finally on the right track to building an honor camper society for the Bayou area.

At the December Pow Wow, Linley was elected to serve the lodge as Second vice Chief, and served in that position for one year before running for and winning the position of Lodge Chief for the 1999-2000 Lodge Calendar years During his terms he served to organize the Ordeal Planning Committees, and allowing the LEC to make the decisions, and take a more vital role and interest in our Council’s Camp.

In April of 2000, Linley was elected the first Section chief of the “New” SR-1, at the annual conclave held at Camp Avondale in Istrouma Area Council. While serving as Section Chief, he allowed the newly aligned section to grow to be brothers through initiatives such as the section totem/mascot (The SR-1 Eagle), and encouraging lodges to collaborate together through large Founder’s festivals and inner lodge competitions.

While at the National OA Planning Meeting (NOAC Committee) held in December of 2001, Linley was elected to serve the National Conference in the position of Conference vice Chief for Camping and high adventure where he organized and executed a large Outdoor activity program complete with climbing walls, Pioneering Projects, and Disabilities awareness. Following his terms as Section Chief, Linley began advising the Section Council of Chiefs in the planning of Conclave giving us his expert advice and ideas.

Every day of his life since his involvement in the Order began, Linley served as only a true brother can, and was always willing to help when called upon. It is with great sorrow that we commend him to the great spirit which watches over all of us.

We will miss you, our Uptight Chief – Chilantakoba Lodge, Camp V-Bar Staff, and a Grateful Council