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  • Submit a place to Go Scouting!
    We all know that Scouting is 3/4 outing, and it's important for us to remember that units starting out need to know about the best places to camp. The OA views it as an important duty to provide this important resource to units! Help us create one of the most comprehensive camping guides in the country so we can all share information. When complete the guide will be online, and searchable. We also hope to have a printable version available.
  • Ryan Kramer Elected Lodge Chief
    Ryan Kramer is our new lodge chief! Please email him at chief@chilantakoba.com!
  • Patrick Burtchaell Elected Section Chief
    Congratulations to Patrick Burtchaell on his recent election to the position of Section Chief of SR 1A. He must resign his position as Lodge Chief within 30 days, and as a result a special election will be held to select his replacement at the Spring Ordeal, May 4.
  • Request a Camping Promotion!
    Is your troop looking to improve its camping program? Use this form to learn more about camping opportunities and find out more about Summer Camp! Also, use this opportunity to sign up for an Order of the Arrow Unit Election!